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Self-Assembly of Star Micelle into Vesicle in Solvents of Variable Quality: The Star Micelle Retains Its Core–Shell Nanostructure in the Vesicle
writer:Nijuan Liu, Qun He, Weifeng Bu*
keywords:Star micelle, Vesicles, Solvent quality, Platinum(II) complex
specific source:Langmuir 2015, 31(8), 2262-2268.
Issue time:2015年
Intra- and inter-molecular interactions of star polymers in dilute solutions are of fundamental importance for both theoretical interest and hierarchical self-assembly into functional nanostructures. Here, star micelles with a polystyrene corona and a small ionic core bearing platinum(II) complexes have been regarded as a model of star polymers to mimic their intra- and inter-star interactions and self-assembled behaviors in solvents of weakening quality. In the chloroform/methanol mixture solvents, the star micelles can self-assemble to form vesicles, in which the star micelles shrink significantly and are homogeneously distributed on the vesicle surface. Unlike the morphological evolution of conventional amphiphiles from micellar to vesicular, during which the amphiphilic molecules are commonly reorganized, the star micelles still retain their core-shell nanostructures in the vesicles and the coronal chains of the star micelle between the ionic cores are fully interpenetrated.