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Organic–inorganic hybrids formed by polyoxometalate-based surfactants with cationic polyelectrolytes and block copolymers
writer:Chunxia Tan, Nijuan Liu, Bingran Yu, Cheng Zhang, Weifeng Bu,* Xiuli Liu, Yu-Fei Song*
keywords:Polyoxometalate, Block copolymers, Polyelectrolytes
specific source:J. Mater. Chem. C 2015, 3(11), 2450 - 2454.
Issue time:2015年
Electrostatic self-assembly of an Anderson-based surfactant with polyelectrolytes and block copolymers leads to the formation of polyoxometalate-based polyelectrolyte–surfactant and block ionomer complexes, respectively. Furthermore, vesicular aggregates form in the solutions of the block ionomer complexes.