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Synergistic Toughening Bioinspired Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Clay-Nanofibrillar Cellulose Artificial Nacre
writer:Jianfeng Wang, Prof. Qunfeng Cheng,* Ling Lin, and Prof. Lei Jiang
keywords:synergistic toughening, bioinspired, clay, artificial nacre, mechanical properties
specific source:ACS Nano
Issue time:2014年

Abstract: Inspired by the layered aragonite platelet/nanofibrillar chitin/protein ternary structure and integration of extraordinary strength and toughness of natural nacre, artificial nacre based on clay platelet/nanofibrillar cellulose/poly(vinyl alcohol) is constructed through evaporation-induced self-assembly technique. The synergistic toughening effect from clay platelets and nanofibrillar cellulose is successfully demonstrated. The artificial nacre achieves excellent balance of strength and toughness, and fatigue-resistant property, superior to natural nacre and other conventional layered clay/polymer binary composites.