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Effect of selective nanoparticles on phase separation of copolymer-nanoparticle composites confined between two neutral surfaces
writer:Wu X, Chen P*, Feng X, Xia R, Qian J
keywords:Nanoparticle, Phase separation, Copolymer, Nanocomposites
specific source:Soft Matter
Issue time:2013年
Using Monte Carlo simulation, we investigated the phase separation of copolymer–nanoparticle composites confined between two neutral surfaces. The incorporated nanoparticles are selective to the copolymer blocks, being repulsive to one block and attractive to the other. We constructed a series of phase diagrams for copolymer nanocomposites phase separated under varied film thicknesses. With the increase of concentration of nanoparticles, a morphological transition from lamellae to perforated
lamellae, cylinders, and spheres was observed in the films. The effect of system parameters on the formation and orientation of these structures was studied in detail. We also investigated the evolution of the configuration of the chains and their composed blocks, as a function of concentration and selectivity strength of the nanoparticles.