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Monte Carlo Simulation on Layered Polymeric Films
writer:Xia R, Wu X, Chen P*, Qian J
keywords:Monte Carlo Simulation, block copolymer, Film
specific source:Chin. J. Polym. Sci.
Issue time:2013年
Thin films of polymer blends composed of alternating copolymer, diblock copolymer and/or homopolymer are studied using Monte Carlo simulation. A multilayer morphology is observed in the film, that is, the blended polymers assemble into individual domains arranged from interior to the surfaces of the film. The coexisting components residing
throughout the neighboring domains in the film make no distinguishable interface between any neighboring domains. By this means, it forms a vertical composition gradient in the polymeric film. Being different from layer-by-layer deposition of polyelectrolyte or hydrogen bonding approach etc., the layered structure in this study is formed by polymer blending in one step. Alternating copolymers are found to be essential components to form vertical composition gradient (layered structure) in thin films.