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Polymer Chemistry 2015: Real Time Quantification of the Chemical Cross-Link Density of a Hydrogel by in situ UV-vis Spectroscopy
writer:Xiaomin Kang, You Yu, Yu Bao, Wanhao Cai, and Shuxun Cui*
keywords:Cross-Link Density, Real Time Quantification
specific source:Polymer Chemistry 2015, 6, 4252
Issue time:2015年
In this paper, we prepare a hydrogel in a green way via the redox reaction between phenol groups and EosinY by visible light irradiation. Eosin Y shows significant absorption at 515 nm while the reduced product does not. A series of control experiments show that almost 100% of the consumed Eosin Y is reacted with phenol groups to form cross-link points. On the basis of the two results, the chemical cross-link density can be easily determined quantitatively by UV-vis spectroscopy. With this method, specimens from the state of the starting solution to solid gel can be measured in situ and in real time without any pretreatment. The result obtained by this new method is proved by the traditional rheological measurements.