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Equal Low-Order Finite Element Simulation of the Planar Contraction Flow for Branched Polymer Melts
writer:Wang Wei, Li Xikui, Han Xianhong
keywords:Equal low-order finite element; Fractional step algorithm; Planar contraction; Rheological behavior; Viscoelastic flow; XPP mode
specific source:Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering,2009,48(11):1158-1170
Issue time:2009年
The rheological characteristics of branched polymer melts
is described by the modified XPP model, which is discretized by
inconsistent streamline-upwind method. A finite increment calculus
procedure is introduced to reformulate the mass equation and to
overcome oscillations of the pressure field. Moreover, the governing
equations are discretized and solved by the iterative fractional step
algorithm. Thus the equal low-order finite elements for velocitypressure-
stress variables are adopted to calculate the planar
contraction viscoelastic flows. The influences of the Weissenberg
number and the amount of branched-arms on the rheological behavior
of the Pom-Pom molecule are discussed. Results demonstrate
good agreement with those given in the literatures.