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Preparation and properties of compatibilized PVC/SMA-g-PA6 blends
writer:Lijie Dong, Chuanxi Xiong, Tao Wang, Dan Liu, Shengjun Lu, Yinzhen Wang
keywords:nylon 6, poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC), graft copolymers, compatibilization
Issue time:2004年

  The morphology and mechanical properties of PVC/SMA-g-PA6 blends were investigated in this paper. Graft to polymer SMA-g-PA6 was prepared via a solution graft reaction between SMA and PA6. FTIR test evidences the occurrence of the graft reaction between SMA and PA6. DSC analysis shows that SMA-g-PA6 has a lower melting point of 187°C, which may result in a decrease in crystallinity of PA6 and thus enable efficient blending of SMA-g-PA6 and PVC. Compatibilization was evidenced by the dramatic increase in mechanical properties, the smaller particle size and finer dispersion of PA6 in PVC matrix, and, further, a cocontinuous morphology at 16 wt % SMA-g-PA6 content. SMA-g-PA6 from the solution graft reaction can toughen and reinforce PVC material.