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ChemSusChem, 2013, 6,1376-1383, Towards high conductivity in anion-exchange membranes for alkaline fuel cells
writer:N. Li*, M. D. Guiver, W. H. Binder
keywords:Anion Exchange Membrane
Issue time:2013年

Cover Picture

The cover shows an anion-exchange membrane for use in an alkaline fuel cell. Due to its unique structure it can act as an electrolyte and facilitate the transport of hydroxide ions, the mobility of which is usually by its low intrinsic conductivity. Binder et al. demonstrate in their manuscript on page 1376 how this structure can be obtained. The simple technique involves the quaternization of azide-modified poly(2,6-dimethyl-phenylene oxide) through click chemistry. The introduction of triazoles in this way results in the formation of “nanochannels”, which in turn gives rise to a tenfold increase in hydroxide mobility.