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A novel gelatin-based micro-cavitary hydrogel for potentialapplication in delivery of anchorage dependent cells: A study withvasculogenesis model
writer:Wenyan Leong, Changjiang Fan?, Dong-An Wang?
keywords:Tissue engineering, Vascularizationa
Issue time:2016年
Hydrogels have been widely regarded as promising tissue engineering scaffolds and cell delivery vehicles,however, their inherent submicron- or nano-scale polymer networks severely inhibit the settlement ofanchorage dependent cells (ADCs). Here, using endothelial progenitor outgrowth cells (EPOCs) as the typ-ical ADCs, a gelatin-based micro-cavitary gel (namely Gel-MCG) is developed with gelatin-methacrylateand gelatin microspheres as precursor and porogens, respectively, to promote cellular focal adhesion andfunctions. The introduction of micro-cavitary structures within the Gel-MCG improves its physical prop-erties as well as creates numerous gel-microcavity interfaces within gel-based matrices. Compared withconventional gelatin gel (Gel-G) scaffold, the Gel-MCG provides more suitable microenvironments forEPOCs’ attachment, spreading, and proliferation, and then which leads to enhanced endothelial differen-tiation and vascularization as demonstrated by higher expressions of endothelial m