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writer:Shao-Yun Fu
Issue time:2016年

Published over 70 papers in recent years.

主要论著(Selected publications, 2008-2015)

1.   Shao-Yun Fu, Bernd Lauke and Yiu-Wing Mai. Science and Engineering of Short Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites. Woodhead Publishing Co., Cambridge,UK. (July 2009). 364 Pages. (英文著作)

2.   Susheel Kalia (ed) and Shao-Yun Fu (ed). Polymers at Cryogenic Temperatures.Springer-VerlagBerlinHeidelberg,Germany. (May 2013). 307 Pages. (英文著作)

3.   Shao-Yun Fu, Xi-Qiao Feng, Bernd Lauke, Yiu-Wing Mai. Effects of particle size, particle/matrix interface adhesion and particle loading on mechanical properties of particulate Polymer composites. Composites Part B Engineering, 39 (2008) 933-961. (2008-2016: SCI引用700余次).

4.   Jiao-Ping Yang, Zhen-Kun Chen, Guo Yang, Shao-Yun Fu and Lin Ye. Simultaneous improvements in the cryogenic tensile strength, ductility and impact strength of epoxy resins by a hyperbranched Polymer. Polymer, 49 (2008) 3168-3179.

5.   Yuan-Qing Li, Yang Yang, Chang-Qing Sun and Shao-Yun Fu. Significant enhancements in the fluorescence and phosphorescence of ZnO-QDs/SiO2 nanocomposites by calcination. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (2008) 17397-17401.

6.   Yuan-Qing Li, Yang Yang, Shao-Yun Fu, Xiao-Yan Yi, Liang-Chen Wang and Hong-Da Chen. Transparent and light-emitting epoxy super-nanocomposites containing ZnO-QD/SiO2 nanocomposite particles as encapsulating materials for LED. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2008, 112 (47), pp 18616–18622.

7.   Zhen-Kun Chen, Guo Yang, Jiao-Ping Yang, Shao-Yun Fu, Lin Ye and Yong-Gang Huang. Simultaneously increasing cryogenic strength, ductility and impact resistance of epoxy resins modified by n-butyl glycidyl ether. Polymer, 50 (2009) 1316–1323.

8.   Hong-Mei Xiao, Wei-Dong Zhang, Mei-Xiang Wan and Shao-Yun Fu. Enhanced electrical conductivity by novel ferromagnetic g-Fe2O3/polypyrrole composite nanostructures. Journal of Polymer Science Part A. Polymer Chemistry, 47 (2009) 4446-4453.  

9.   Shao-Yun Fu, Zhen-Kun Chen,Song Hongand Charles C. Han. The reduction of carbon nanotube (CNT) length during the manufacture of CNT/Polymer composites and a method to simultaneously determine the resulting CNT and interfacial strengths. Carbon, 47 (2009) 3192-3200.  

10.  Zhen-Kun Chen, Jiao-Ping Yang, Qing-Qing Ni, Shao-Yun Fu and Yong-Gang Huang. Reinforcement of epoxy resins with multi-walled Carbon nanotubes for enhancing cryogenic mechanical properties. Polymer, 50 (2009) 4753–4759.  

11.  Hong-Mei Xiao, Wei-Dong Zhang, Shao-Yun Fu. One-step synthesis, electromagnetic and microwave absorbing properties of a-FeOOH/polypyrrole nanocomposites. Composites Science and Technology, 70 (6) (2010) 909-915.  

12.  Qing-Ping Feng, Jiao-Ping Yang, Shao-Yun Fu, Yiu-Wing Mai. Synthesis of Carbon nanotube/epoxy composite films with a high nanotube loading by a mixed-curing-agent assisted layer-by-layer method and their electrical conductivity. Carbon, 48(7) (2010) 2057-2062.  

13.  Yang Yang, Wan-Nan Li, Yong-Song Luo, Shao-Yun Fu, Hong-Mei Xiao and Yiu-Wing Mai. Novel multifunctional ZnO-QDs/silicone nanocomposites with tunable luminescence colors. Polymer, 51(12) (2010) 2755-2762.  

14.  Hong-Mei Xiao, Wei-Dong Zhang, Chen Lv, Shao-Yun Fu and Mei-Xiang Wan. Large enhancement in conductivity of polyaniline films by cold drawing. Macromolecular Chemistry & Physics, 211 (2010) 1109–1116.  

15.  Qing-Ping Feng, Xiao-Jun Shen, Jiao-Ping Yang, Shao-Yun Fu, Yiu-Wing Mai, Klaus Friedrich. Synthesis of epoxy composites with high carbon nanotube loading and effects of tubular and wavy morphology on composite strength and modulus. Polymer, 52 (2011) 6037-6045.

16.  Xiao-Jun Shen, Yu Liu, Hong-Mei Xiao, Qing-Ping Feng, Zhong-Zhen Yu and Shao-Yun Fu. The reinforcing effect of graphene nanosheets on the cryogenic mechanical properties of epoxy resins. Composites Science and Technology, 72 (13) (2012) 1581-1587.

17.  Xiao-Jun Shen,Xian-QiangPei, Shao-Yun Fu and Klaus Friedrich. Significantly modified tribological performance of epoxy nanocomposites at very low graphene oxide content. Polymer, 54 (3) (2013) 1234-1242.

18.  Chao Wu, Hong-Mei Xiao and Shao-Yun Fu. Synthesis and simultaneous enhancements in electrical and magnetic properties of oriented γ-Fe2O3-nanoneedle/PANI nanocomposite films by cold stretching. Polymer, 54 (2013) 4578-4587.

19.  Yang Zhao, Zhen-Kun Chen, Yu Liu, Hong-Mei Xiao, Qing-Ping Feng and Shao-Yun Fu. Simultaneously enhanced cryogenic tensile strength and fracture toughness of epoxy resins by carboxylic nitrile-butadiene nano-rubber. Composites Part A. Applied Science and Manufacturing, 55 (2013) 178–187.

20.  Xiao-Jun Shen,Xian-QiangPei, Yu Liu and Shao-Yun Fu. Tribological performance of Carbon nanotube-graphene oxide hybrid/epoxy composites. Composites Part B-Engineering, 57 (2014) 120-125.

21.  Gui-Wen Huang, Hong-Mei Xiao and Shao-Yun Fu. Novel vertical spinning preparation of free-standing Carbon nanotube-polyaniline composite films with high electrical conductivity. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2(15) (2014) 2758-2764.

22.  Hong-Mei Xiao and Shao-Yun Fu. Synthesis and physical properties of electromagnetic polypyrrole composites via addition of magnetic crystals.  CrystEngComm 16 (11) (2014) 2097-2112. (Invited highlight paper)

23.  Yu Liu, Hong-Mei Xiao, Qing-Ping Feng and Shao-Yun Fu. Synergistic effect of carbon nanotubes and n-butyl glycidyl ether on matrix modification for improvement of tensile performance of glass fiber/epoxy composite. Composites Part A. Applied Science and Manufacturing, 62 (2014) 39-44.

24.  Gui-Wen Huang, Hong-Mei Xiao and Shao-Yun Fu. Paper-based silver-nanowire electronic circuits with outstanding electrical conductivity and extreme bending stability. Nanoscale 6(15) (2014)8495-8502. DOI:10.1039/C4NR00846D. (Back Cover Article)

25.  Xiao-Jun Shen, Ling-Xuan Meng, Zhi-Yong Yan, Cheng-Jun Sun, Yan-Hong Ji, Hong-Mei Xiao and Shao-Yun Fu. Improved cryogenic interlaminar shear strength of glass fabric/epoxy composites by graphene oxide. Composites Part B-Engineering, 73 (2015) 126-131.

26.  Fei Li, Yu Liu, Cheng-Bing Qu, Hong-Mei Xiao, Yang Hua, Guo-Xing Sui, Shao-Yun Fu. Enhanced mechanical properties of short carbon fiber reinforced polyethersulfone composites by graphene oxide coating. Polymer, 59 (2015) 155-165.

27.  Gui-Wen Huang, Hong-Mei Xiao and Shao-Yun Fu. Electrical switch for smart pH self-adjusting system based on silver nanowire/polyaniline nanocomposite film. ACS Nano, 9(3) (2015) 3234-3242.

28.  Yan-Hong Ji, Yu Liu, Gui-Wen Huang, Xiao-Jun Shen, Hong-Mei Xiao and Shao-Yun Fu. Ternary Ag/epoxy adhesive with excellent overall performance. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7 (15) (2015) 8041–8052.

29.  Hong-Mei Xiao, Wei-Dong Zhang, Na-Li, Gui-Wen Huang, Yu Liu and Shao-Yun Fu. Facile preparation of highly conductive, flexible and strong carbon nanotube/polyaniline composite films. Journal of Polymer Science Part A, 53 (2015) 1575-1585.

30.  Gui-Wen Huang, Hong-Mei Xiao and Shao-Yun Fu. Wearable Electronics of Silver-Nanowire/Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Nanocomposite for Smart Clothing. Scientific Reports, 5 (2015) 13971.