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SFPC课题组电磁屏蔽复合材料研究成果发表在Materials Today Physics上

Fengqi Qi#, Lei Wang#, Yali Zhang, Zhonglei Ma*, Hua Qiu and Junwei Gu*. Robust Ti3C2Tx MXene/starch derived carbon foam composites for superior EMI shielding and thermal insulation. Materials Today Physics, 2021, 21: 100512. 2020IF=9.298.1区材料科学Top期刊)

Lightweight and robust electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials are highly desirable in high-end precision electronic components and 5G communication system. Herein, the starch based porous carbon foam (PCF) is prepared by yeast fermentation, steam foaming and carbonization approach with flour as raw material. And the Ti3C2Tx MXene/PCF (MPCF) composites are then fabricated via vacuum assisted impregnation of Ti3C2Tx MXene followed by freeze drying. The obtained PCF carbonized at 1400°C presents excellent compression strength of 4.9 MPa and superior electrical conductivity (σ) of 21.8 S/cm, respectively. The corresponding MPCF composites with 8.5 wt% Ti3C2Tx MXene exhibit superior EMI shielding effectiveness (EMI SE) and specific shielding effectiveness (SSE, EMI SE/ρ) of 75 dB and 216.9 dB·cm3/g, respectively. Meanwhile, the MPCF composites possess excellent flame retardancy and outstanding heat insulation, and can be applied in the extreme environment. The resultant lightweight, robust and multifunctional MPCF composites with simple fabrication processes show broad application prospects for EMI shielding system in aerospace, military engineering, electrical and electronics fields.

在高端精密电子元器件和5G通信系统中,轻量化、高强度电磁干扰(EMI)屏蔽材料尤为重要。本研究以面粉为原材料,通过酵母发酵、蒸汽发泡和碳化工艺制得淀粉基多孔碳泡沫(PCF),并通过真空辅助浸渍和冷冻干燥引入Ti3C2Tx MXene制得MXene/多孔碳泡沫(MPCF)复合材料。PCF复合材料兼具轻质高强和高导电特点,1400°C下碳化得到的PCFρ、压缩强度和电导率(σ)分别为0.32 g/cm34.9 MPa21.8 S/cm。当Ti3C2Tx MXene用量为8.5 wt%时,MPCF复合材料的电磁屏蔽效能(EMI SE)和比屏蔽效能(SSEEMI SE/密度(σ))分别达到75 dB216.9 dB·cm3/g;同时兼具出色的阻燃性能和良好的隔热性能,可适用高温灼烧的极端环境。这种制备简单的多功能超轻碳材料在航空航天、军事工程和电子电器等领域的EMI屏蔽系统中展现出广阔的应用前景。