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Dual Thermo-Responsive and Strain-Responsive Ionogels for Smart Windows and Temperature/Motion Monitoring
writer:Xuemeng Yang, Shufang Lv,* Tianci Li, Shuai Hao, Hongnan Zhu, Yan Cheng, Shuaijie Li,Hongzan Song
keywords:stretchable ionogels, thermo-responsive, smart windows, temperature monitoring, strain sensor
specific source:ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2022, 14, 20083?20092
Issue time:2022年

In this work, a stretchable, dual thermo-responsive and strain-responsive

ionogel has been synthesized by one-step photopolymerization. The obtained ionogel shows

an ultrahigh stretchability (~3000%), a high ionic conductivity (up to 3.1 mS/cm), and a

good temperature tolerance (?40 to 300 °C). Importantly, these ionogels show an upper

critical solution temperature-type phase transition with a wide tunable phase-transition

temperature (17.5?42.5 °C) and reversible color/transparency switching. In particular, the

as-prepared ionogel-based flexible/wearable temperature monitors and smart windows show

an excellent designability and programmability, temperature modulation ability, and thermal

responsiveness. Moreover, the ionogels-based strain sensors have temperature- and straindual

responsibility and a broad strain-sensing range (1?700%), which can effectively

monitor various motions. This strategy of fabricating dual thermo- and strain-responsive

ionogels by using a one-step method and only one polymer holds great promise for the next

generation of multifunctional stimuli-responsive materials.