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Basic studies of electrospun nanofiber biomaterials of zein

Biomimicking the composition and structure (micro-structure) of extracellular matrix is an important route to generate new biomaterials for tissue repair and regeneration. In this project, the first step is to electrospin nanofiber mats and yarns of zein, zein/polyscharride and zein/protein composites using alcohol/water mixture as solvent, and to characterize the morphology of as-prepared nanofibers by scanning electronic microscope. Then, we will investigate the crosslinking of the nanofibers in order to improve the mechanical properties, and in vitro and in vivo degradation and biocompatability of the crosslinked nanofibers. Meanwhile, we observe cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation on nanofibers by morphological methods. These findings will be the basis for the nanofibers applications in tissue repair and regeneration.