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Excellent electrically conductive PE/rGO nanocomposites: In situ polymerization using rGO-Supported MAO cocatalysts
writer:He-xin Zhang a, Jae-Hyeong Park b, Keun-Byoung Yoon b, c, *
keywords:Electrical conductivity In situ polymerization rGO Percolation threshold
specific source:Composites Science and Technology 154 (2018) 85e91
Issue time:2018年

Superior electrically conductive PE nanocomposites were prepared with reduced graphene oxide(rGO)-supported MAO cocatalyst via in situ ethylene polymerization. The electrical conductivity of the composites was very high at 1.2 S/m. This value is the highest among reported rGO-filled composites. The cocatalyst system was prepared by modifying with alkoxysilane compound to prevent restacking of the GO plane in the reduction process and solvothermal reduction of GO. The effect of cocatalysts on the properties of nanocomposites and distribution of nanosheets in the polymer matrix was investigated in detail. The mechanical properties and thermal stability of PE/rGO nanocomposites were significantly increased via the addition of a small amount of rGO. These properties resulted from the restacked rGO layers exfoliated in situ by the ethylene insertion between the intercalated layers.