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Free-standing, welded mesoporous carbon nanofibers as anode for high-rate performance Li-ion batteries
writer:Zhi-qiang Shi, Guoqiang Jin, Jing Wang, Jin Zhang
keywords:Electrospinning, Lignin-based, Mesoporous carbon nanofibers,Welding,Fiber technology
specific source:Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
Issue time:2017年
A novel type of renewable lignin-based mesoporous carbonized nanofibers (MCNFs) has been fabricated via electrospinning technique and thermal treatment, using lignin with polyacrylonitrile (PAN) as the carbon source and triblock copolymer Pluronic P 123 as the template. The obtained MCNFs were directly used as anodes of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) without binder and current collector. The MCNFs anode exhibited a large reversible capacity of 384.4 mAh g(-1) at 20.0 mA g(-1) and maintain 177.7 mAh g(-1) at a current density of 1.0 A g(-1) after 400 cycles. Even at a fast (91 s) discharge condition, the MCNFs achieved a high discharge capacity of 127.7 mAh g(-1)