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Inverted and transparent polymer solar cells prepared with vacuum-free processing
作者: Zhou YH (Zhou, Yinhua)1,2, Li FH (Li, Fenghong)1, Barrau S (Barrau, Sophie)1, Tian WJ (Tian, Wenjing)2, Inganas O (Inganas, Olle)1,3, Zhang FL (Zhang, Fengling)1,3
来源出版物: SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS    卷: 93    期: 4    特刊: Sp. Iss. SI    页: 497-500    出版年: APR 2009 

摘要: Inverted transparent polymer solar cells were fabricated by sequentially depositing several organic layers from fluids, on ITO/glass substrates. ITO was used as a cathode to collect electrons. The photovoltage of these diodes can be increased by up to 400 mV by inserting a buffer layer of polyethylene oxide between ITO and the active layers, which results in 4-fold enhancement of power conversion efficiency under the illumination of 100 mW/cm(2) simulated AM1.5 solar light. The enhancement of V., is consistent with the work function change between ITO and ITO/PEO measured by photoelectron spectroscopy. Solar cell production without vacuum processing may lower production costs.