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Polymorphic Crystallization and Phase Transition of Poly(butylene adipate) in Its Miscible Crystalline/crystalline Blend with Poly(vinylidene fluoride)
writer:Yang Jinjun, Pan Pengju, Hua Lei, Bo Zhu, Dong Tungalag, Inoue Yoshio
keywords:Polymorphism, Phase transition, PBA, PVDF, Blend
specific source:Macromolecules
Issue time:2010年

The effects of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) component on the crystallization kinetics, crystalline structure, phase transition, and morphology of polymorphic poly(butylene adipate) (PBA) in their miscible PVDF/PBA binary blends have been investigated. The polymorphism of PBA can be regulated upon blending with PVDF. The incorporated PVDF faciliates the formation of PBA R-crystal, which is probably attributed to the thermodynamic and kinetic contributions. From the crystallization kinetics, it was found that a small amount of PVDF acts as a nucleating agent and can accelerate the crystallization of PBA, while a large amount of PVDF hinders the crystallization of PBA due to the confinement effect. In addition, the addition of PVDF greatly accelerates the β- to R-form phase transition of PBA upon annealing the PBA β-form at higher tmeperataure (48 C). However, the large amount of PVDF decelerates the phase transition to a certain extent. The possible reasons for these phenomena were also proposed.