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A green method for synthesizing novel nanoparticles and their application in flexible conductive patterns
writer:Li wei, Cen Qiongying, Li Wenjiang, Zhao Zihan, Yang Wenlong, Li Yuqian, Chen Minfang, Yang Guang, Y
keywords:Green synthsis, Nanoparticles, conductive pattern
specific source:Journal of Materiomics
Issue time:2020年
A general and unified approach to synthesizing Ag, Cu and Au nanoparticles (NPs) is developed at room temperature in air atmosphere under ultrasonication in poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP) solutions with ascorbic acid and glucose as the reducing and nucleation agents, respectively. XRD, TEM, and HR-TEM analysis of the Ag, Cu, and Au NPs confirm purity and average diameters of 15.5?±?2.0?nm, 50?±?3.0?nm, and 10?±?1.0?nm, respectively. An ultrasonic-assisted mechanism, wherein reduction occurs readily and produces anti-oxidation particles, is proposed and discussed. Fast infrared sintering was used to avoid damaging the substrate of conductive patterns whose resistivity at 10?W (~50?°C) sintering power for less than 6?min reached up to 10?±?0.5?μΩ?cm, 40?±?3.0?μΩ?cm, and 280?±?5?μΩ?cm for Ag, Cu, and Au patterns, respectively. Paper-based electrodes were produced successfully and exhibited excellent flexibility and good conductivity. The potential of this method for large scale production is discussed.