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Qiang Shi is a Professor in the State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry at Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry. He graduated in JiLin University from 1999 and obtained his Master’s degree in Material

Science and Engineering in JiLin University in 2002. He obtained his PHD in polymer chemistry and physics from the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry in 2006.

He worked as assistant professor in Italy State Institute  of Biomacromolecules (CNR) from 2005-2006 and

visiting scholar in University of Akron from 2009-2010.

He obtained second award of National Science and Technology Progress in 2009; first award of JiLin Science and Technology Progress in 2006, etc.

His research interests focus on:

1) Reactive Processing of Polymeric materials with micro/nano-fabrication; 2) Surface and Interface; 3) Biomedical Polymers. He has 6 authorized patents and over 60 publications in the peer-reviewed journals with more than 1000 citations, such as Nanoscale, Langmuir, Chemical Communications, etc.