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Xiaolin Lu

Professor, State Key Laboratory of Bioelectronics, School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, 210096, China, Tel: 86-25-83791810, email:

Research Interests

Application of Nonlinear optical spectroscopy

Molecular-level structures of soft matter surfaces and interfaces

Developing smart materials

The surface/interface properties are very important in application of soft materials, for example biological and polymeric materials. My research focuses on understanding the basic chemistry/physics behind surface/interface related phenomena using the nonlinear optical vibrational spectroscopy and other  state-of-art techniques. Important structural, thermodynamic, or dimensional parameters which have the fundamental effect on the surface/interfacial properties will be differentiated in our study. Our ultimate goal is not only to understand but also to control the surface/interfacial properties for happiness and benefit of human beings.

We are also trying to develop smart materials for biomedical applications, self-organized and/or templated via multiple interactions, including electrostatic, hydrogen bonding, and Van der Waals forces.

It is worth mentioning, what we are doing does not go beyond one of the four fundamental forces - electromagnetic force. So in order to have a sense of how narrow, limited and tiny we are, our asses need to be kicked from time to time.

Teaching Duty

Introduction to Polymer Science


PhD, Department of Chemical Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, March 2001-April, 2005, Research direction: Polymer chemistry and physics, Dissertation: “The study of polymers in geometrically confined states: thermal analysis, spectroscopic study and morphological investigation”

MPhil, Department of Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University, August, 2001

Research direction: Polymer chemistry and physics September 1998-Febuary 2001

Thesis: “The study of Maleic anhydride grafted Polypropylene”

BS, Department of Plastic Engineering, Sichuan University, September 1993-June 1997, Major: Plastic Engineering

Work Experiences

1.Employment Period: From 2013 to Now, Southeast University, Associate Professor, from April 2013 to April 2016; Professor, from April 2016

2.Employment Period: From August 2009 to 2013, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Lecturer and Associate Professor

3.Employment Period: From April, 2007 to August 2009, University of Michigan, Visiting Scholar and Postdoctoral Research Fellow

4.Employment Period: From April, 2006 to March, 2007, Nanjing University, Joint Postdoctoral fellow with Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd.

5.Employment Period: From Aug, 1997 to Aug, 1998, Jiangsu North Chlor-Alkali Group Co., Ltd., Technician

Recruitment Information

We are recruiting graduate students which pursue MPh and PhD degrees. Undergraduate students and people with Bachelor degree with biology, chemistry, physics, polymer, spectroscopy or materials are welcome. In case you have no science or engineering background, you are welcome to join us if you can prove you are smart enough.

We are also recruiting postdoctoral fellows with strong science and engineering backgrounds.

You will be working on developing advanced bioengineering materials, and exploring fundamental mechanisms behind surface-and-interfacial-related phenomena associated with biological events and polymer materials. In case you think our projects are not challenging and attractive, you can initiate your own project here if you can argue with and outperform me. Then you will be armed with techniques including nonlinear optical spectroscopy, Fluorescence Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope, PCR, and Zeta potential, etc.