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Liquid–Solid Interfaces under Dynamic Shear Flow: Recent Insights into the Interfacial Slip
writer:Yongsheng Luo, Ai-Ping Pang, Xiaolin Lu*
keywords:Liquid–Solid Interfaces, Dynamic Shear Flow, Interfacial Slip
specific source:
Issue time:2022年

The development of micro/nanofluidic techniques has recently revived interest in dynamic shear flow at liquid–solid interfaces. When the nature of the liquid–solid boundaries was revisited, the slip of the fluids relative to the solid wall was predicted theoretically and confirmed experimentally. This indicates that the molecular-level structures of the liquid–solid interfaces will be influenced by the liquid flow over certain temporal and spatial criteria. However, the fluid flow at the boundary layer still cannot be precisely predicted and effectively controlled, somehow limiting its practical applications. Here, we summarize the recent advances for the microscopic structures at the liquid–solid interfaces upon shear flow. Special attention was given to a second-order nonlinear optical technique, sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy, which is a powerful tool for exploring the molecular-level structures and structural dynamics at the liquid–solid interfaces and offering new insights into the molecular mechanisms of the fluid slip at the interfaces. Moreover, we discuss the possible approaches for controlling the interfacial slip at the molecular level and highlight the current challenges and opportunities. Although the theoretical framework of the slip at the liquid–solid interfaces is still incomplete, we hope that this Perspective will complement and enhance our understanding of various interfacial properties and phenomena with respect to practical non-equilibrium dynamic processes happening at the interfaces.