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Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2016, 4, 2530, Efficient polymer solar cells based on the synergy effect of a novel non-conjugated small-molecule electrolyte and polar solvent
writer:Zhiyang Liu, Xinhua Ouyang, Ruixiang Peng, Weigang Jiang, Antonio Facchetti, Ziyi Ge*
keywords:Polymer Solar Cells, Non-conjugated interfacial materials
Issue time:2016年
A novel non-conjugated small-molecule electrolyte was invented as a cathode interlayer in PTB7:PC71BMbased polymer solar cells (PSCs). We discovered a significant synergy effect for improving the device efficiency between methanol treatment and the interlayer. The methanol treatment mainly contributed to the open-circuit voltage, while the interlayer primarily enhanced the short-circuit current and fill factor. Under the effective synergy effect, power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) of PTB7:PC71BM-based PSCs were largely improved from 3.89% to 9.79% for conventional PSCs and from 7.34% to 9.10% for inverted PSCs. Our findings create a new path of interfacial modification for highly efficient PSCs.