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writer:张黎明等_Zhang, L. M.; et al
keywords:天然大分子和功能材料_Natural Macromolecules and Functional Materials
Issue time:2016年

*Corresponding author/通讯作者.#These authors contributed equally to this work/共同第一作者.

Refereed Scientific Articles / 学术杂志发表论文

[305] Yin, Y. T.#; Fu, C. P.#(傅超萍); Li, M.; Li, X. P.; Wang, M. Y.; He, L.; Zhang, L. M.*(张黎明); Peng, Y.* A pH-sensitive hyaluronic acid prodrug modified with lactoferrin for glioma dual-targeted treatment. Materials Science and Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications, 2016, 67: 159-169.

[304] Yang, H. K. #(杨惠康); Qi, M.#; Mo, L.; Yang, R. M.; Xu, X. D.; Bao, J. F.; Tang, W. J.; Lin, J. T.(林坚涛); Zhang, L. M.*(张黎明); Jiang, X. Q.* Reduction-sensitive amphiphilic dextran derivatives as theranostic nanocarriers for chemotherapy and MR imaging. RSC Advances, 2016, 6:114519-114531.

[303] Liu, Y.#; Deng, L. Z.#(邓立志); Sun, H. P.; Xu, J. Y.; Li, Y. M.; Xie, X.; Zhang, L. M.*(张黎明); Deng, F. L.* Sustained dual release of placental growth factor-2 and bone morphogenic protein-2 from heparin-based nanocomplexes for direct osteogenesis. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2016, 11: 1147-1158.

[302] 刘日钊, 张娟, 刘涛, 符小艺, 张黎明, 谢民强*. 叶酸靶向共载TFPI-2及顺铂磁性纳米复合物的制备及其对鼻咽癌HNE1细胞的靶向性和体外抑制效应. 中华医学杂志, 2016, 96(25), 2023-2030.