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Issue time:2019年

[335] (with Liu Y, Miao YL, Qin F, Cao C, Yu XL, Wu YH, Wang TL, Xu RG, Zhao L, Wu F, Zhang ZC, Yang JM, Yang Y, Xie X, Deng FL)Electrospun Poly(aspartic acid)-modified Zein Nanofibers for Promoting Bone Regeneration. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2019, 14, 9497–9512.


[334] (with Long LL, Lai MH, Mao XH, Luo JH, Yuan X, Ke ZF, Yang LQ, Deng David YB)Investigation of vitamin B12-modified amphiphilic sodium alginate derivatives for enhancing the oral delivery efficacy of peptide drugs. International Journal of Nanomedicine 2019, 14: 7743-7758.

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[332] (with Chen SS) Casein Nanogels as Effective Stabilizers for Pickering High Internal Phase Emulsions. Colloids and Surfaces A-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2019, 579, 123662 (1-9).

[331]  (with Chen SS, Xu XL, Zhou BY, Tian J, Luo BM) Acidic pH-Activated Gas- Generating Nanoparticles with Pullulan Decorating for Hepatoma-Targeted Ultrasound Imaging.  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019, 11(25): 22194-22205.



[330] (with Deng LZ, Guo WH, Li GX, Hu YF) Hydrophobic IR780 Loaded Sericin Nanomicelles for Phototherapy with Enhanced Antitumor Efficiency. International Journal of Pharmaceutics2019, 566:  549-556.

[329] (with Mao XH, Lin KH, Yang LQ)偶联维生素B12基团的阳离子糖原衍生物. 中山大学学报(自然科学版), 2019, 58(4): 68-77.


[328] (with Fu CP,Duan XH,Cao MH,Jiang SQ,Ban XH,Guo N,Mao JJ, Ting HY,Shen J) Targeted Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Modulation of Hypoxia with Multifunctional Hyaluronic Acid - MnO2 Nanoparticles in Glioma. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2019, 8: 1900047 (1-11).



[326] (with Lin KH, Yi JZ, Mao XH, Wu H, Yang LQ) Glucose-sensitive hydrogels from covalently modified carboxylated pullulan and concanavalin A for smart controlled release of insulin. Reactive and Functional Polymers, 2019, 139: 112–119  


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[324] (with Yang HK, Wang NH, Mo L, Mei W, Yang RM, Xu XD, Huang YG, Lin JT, Jiang XQ) Reduction sensitive hyaluronan-SS-poly(ε-caprolactone) block copolymers as theranostic nanocarriers for tumor diagnosis and treatment. Materials Science and Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications, 2019, 98: 9-18. 


[323] (with Fu CP) 基于透明质酸的抗肿瘤药物载体研究进展. 高分子通报, 2019, (02): 103-111.



[会议论文-144](with Yang LQ, Lin KH, Wu H, Mao XH, Yin L, Yi JZ) 茶多糖对血糖调控酶活性的影响及其作用机制研究 (BO-012). 中国化学会2019全国高分子学术论文报告会, 20191015-19, 西安, Page 28. 

[会议论文-143](with Li HP, Yang LQ) 微生物纤维素/纳米银复合材料的制备及其在蛋白质拉曼增强光谱中的应用研究 (BP-005). 中国化学会2019全国高分子学术论文报告会, 20191015-19, 西安, Page 40.