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1. Review patterns for academic journals, such as ACS Nano; Adv.Mater.; Polymer;Carbon; J.Polym.Sci.(B); J Appl Polym; Comp.Sci.Tech.; Composites A; Polym.Eng.&Sci.; Mater.Chem.Phys.; J.Noncryst.Mat.; Polym.Composites; Macro Mater.Eng.;  Chemistry;

2. Subeditor of the journal of Huaqiao University;

3. Editor of the journal of Material Review;

1984.7                     Dept.Chem.,Xiamen Univ.,B.S
1987.7                      Dept Chem.,Jilin Univ,M.S
1999.11                    Dept. MaterSci.Tianjing,Univ.Ph.D
1995.6-1995.12       Gifu Univ.,Japan.Visiting Scholar
2000.10-2000.12 Nagasaki Indus &Tech Center,Visiting Scientist
2001.3-2002.3         Dept Chem.Univ. of Michigan,USA,Visiting Scholar

2008.9- 2016.8.30 Head of the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering